First Week and a Snazzy New Logo

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The first week was a lovely one. Quiet, yes, but a lovely week nonetheless. When you give feet to an idea, you’re never quite sure how it will turn out. And thankfully with local guidance, friends’ word of mouth and family encouragement, the Margaree Walking Tours are coming together. Margaree is a welcoming place and the tours get to sample that. Last week, a fisherman shared his polarized glasses with the tour to be able to clearly see the salmon a few feet from the riverbank. There were plenty of toots and waves from folks who drove by to say the vehicular version of “Hello there! Have fun!”. The first week was a great start and am excited to kick off the second week at noon today.

And today, I’m launching the new Margaree Walking Tour logo created by the brilliant Leah Noble | Designer and Consultant. I purchased some of her graphic design time during her clever crowd-funding campaign, and it was a delightful experience to work with her. A hazy idea of a river and highland logo came into this catching, professional but fun logo:

Margaree Walking Tours Logo

Margaree Walking Tours postcards for all!Now, I’m pumping up the promo in my second round of outreach to visitor information centres and local businesses. The logo is on all of my new posters and postcards, website and social media. I love the look and here’s hoping that it captures the imaginations of Cape Breton summer lovers, from near or far. A pleasant bonus of the doing the Walking Tours is the trips to drop off these materials. The business owners and information centre councillors have been so supportive and interested in this new venture. There’s always a great conversation to be had at the desk. There are lots of questions about the tour, where the idea came from, how it’s going, all asked with genuine interest and hopefulness. And if you’re at a really local spot, the best question I’ve heard is “So, who are you now?”. A simple but important Cape Breton question to which I might spend my summer refining my answer.