Thank You & Looking Forward

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Thanks from Margaree Walking ToursWhat a season! It’s hard to believe it’s September, but that’s a sure sign of a good summer.

This will be my last blog of the year. So, I’ve got for you my many thanks and two notes on looking forward, including a big question!

It takes a village to …start a business? Truly, an idea struggles without a supportive community to give it a boost. My thank you’s:

  • To the Margaree Area Development Association (MADA), the Coady & Tompkins Memorial Library and Margaree Visitor Information Centre for hosting Margaree Walking Tours. From the get-go, it was easy and fun to work with the staff and volunteers of these “downtown” Margaree Forks organizations. The Tours would not have happened with them and I’m so grateful for their support and guidance.
  • To Maya and Mariah at the Creamery for being sweet and scooping the best sweets all summer long.
  • The Margaree Forks Co-op for welcoming brightly-coloured guests to view in the Fathers of Co-operation plaque.
  • To my Coady and MacDonald families for their ideas, questions, answers and help in everything from shuttling to safety vest loans to honked horns.
  • To every guest who came out this first year to learn and explore and support a new, local business.

Looking forward to September and to 2016:

  • In September, the tours will be on-going until the end of the month on an appointment basis. Simply give me a shout via phone or email and I’ll happily arrange to show the beauty of Margaree Forks at a convenient time.
  • In 2016, I will not be in Margaree full-time. I am seeking an interested person to take over Margaree Walking Tours next summer. I have diligently recorded all my notes, contacts and information with the intent of passing the business on. If interested, let’s grab a coffee and discuss!


Finally, for those who are geography nerds like me, an updated map of the far reach those who took in Margaree Walking Tours this summer: